2015 Health Insurance Plan Rates are Going Up – A lot – under ObamaCare

Are you ready to begin Taking Back America’s Healthcare?… Health insurance companies have begun publishing their 2015 rates, and the news is very bad for us! So far, 90% of health insurance plans will raise their rates an average of 25%. This rise in cost to each of us under ObamaCare is much higher than the average annual rise of 11% in the last 10 years before ObamaCare, and is necessary for insurance companies to remain in compliance with the benefit requirements in the legislation. This means that the average taxpayer will pay about $3000 MORE for their health insurance in 2015 even before payment for healthcare services is made! And each us will have more difficulty finding a physician from whom to get our healthcare as we are likely to see more than 60,000 doctors leave the profession by the end of 2015.

Weren’t we promised by Mr. Obama that our health insurance premiums would FALL by an average of $2500 annually under ObamaCare? Weren’t we promised by Mr. Obama that we could keep our health insurance plan and our doctor… if we liked them? In the meantime, while Mr. Obama and his family have the benefit of using Air Force One to jet around the world for their fundraisers and vacations, my family and I will be trying to find a way to pay our health insurance premiums and taxes while spending our vacation time grilling hot dogs in the backyard.

I am profoundly disappointed in my President and deeply worried that his ideological policies will destroy the foundation of healthcare in America, will make us a poorer middle class, and will make us more dependent on government subsidy. I wish I could do more to stop this nonsense. And, political differences aside, I would expect a little more honesty and empathy from my President.

Michael J Lucherini MD MS

Dr. Lucherini specializes in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He practices at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics in Mesa, AZ, and is a Pioneer in Direct Access Medicine. His opinions expressed herein are personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his staff, his patients, or his colleagues.

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