Gruber-Schumer Syndrome: The First Illness Identified under ObamaCare

Introducing: Gruber-Schumer Syndrome (GSS)! GSS is characterized by elitism, deceitfulness, lack of transparency, and political opportunism. Onset is insidious to the political process and is fueled by partisan ideology. Findings in those affected by the syndrome are often skillfully hidden, and are typically not identified until years after the afflicted have left office. The cost of treating GSS is in the trillions of dollars, and is covered by the taxpayers directly and NOT by Medicare. Unfortunately, GSS is highly contagious among the liberal elite and politicians, and can spread easily into the academic and middle class communities, causing higher tuition, higher taxes in the general population and lower trust in elected officials. Although certain characteristics of GSS have surfaced episodically in the population over many decades, recent passage of the Affordable Care Act (later infamously nicknamed ObamaCare), with resulting higher health insurance premiums and deductibles and restricted access to doctors and medical services, has brought into sharp focus this insidious and debilitating syndrome.

In 2009, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) famously quipped that Congress would first have to pass ObamaCare in order to see what was in the Bill. Although most of us following closely the process of transformation of health insurance and healthcare in America cringed upon hearing such a cryptic attempt at alleviating our fears and concerns, we simply could not have anticipated the depth of deceit and misdirection that lay at the heart of the legislation. After all, what could possibly go wrong with such a noble purpose of insuring the uninsured, right? But now, a mere 5 years after passage of the law, and at the courtesy of Professor Jonathan Gruber and Senator Chuck Shumer (D-NY), arguably two of ObamaCare’s most ardent supporters, we have been given our first opportunity to understand what was in the hearts and minds of our lawmakers and our President when the law was crafted.

In just the last 30 days, Professor Gruber and Senator Schumer have unwittingly unmasked several aspects of the mindset, motivation and manipulation of facts necessary for lawmakers and the President to construct, promote and ultimately pass ObamaCare. And since it is rare to have the opportunity to peak into the minds of the ideological Elite and seasoned politician, it is certainly worthwhile to look closely at what they have said. From the perspective of a practicing physician, the pathology that is uncovered along the way is simply fascinating…

First, Professor Gruber, a true architect of ObamaCare and of similar legislation crafted at the state level, has been exposed as a fraud; he has been caught admitting in public forums to using tactics of deception (“lack of transparency”) and creating falsely low anticipated costs of ObamaCare as political tools to fool the American people and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Remarkable. In fact, incredible! The very heart of ObamaCare is diseased, riddled with deception and secondary gain that has nothing to do with insuring the uninsured and providing affordable healthcare for all of us. Here is what we learn: Like a cancer beginning to metastasize, ObamaCare is deadly, and it must be removed with prompt and deliberate action before the same deceit and ill-gotten gain destroys all of America’s healthcare.

Second, Senator Schumer, a seasoned politician since 1998 and ardent supporter and advocate for ObamaCare from 2008 through 2014, has exposed his own growing fear of association to ObamaCare by denouncing the ObamaCare agenda already completed by his own political party. In one afternoon, through a simple statement at the National Press Club, Senator Schumer publicly jumped off the ObamaCare Express Train; he took the position that the President and Congress should not have prioritized healthcare reform over the economy and other issues. He has suddenly changed course, and for no reason as yet apparent, other than that of political gain. Once again, remarkable, if not far too late to make a bit of difference for the rest of us! I wonder what Senator Schumer now sees in ObamaCare that he finds politically advantageous to take a position against that of his own political party. Here is what we learn: Like a mysterious illness of epidemic and deadly proportion, ObamaCare is dangerous, and a must be avoided at any cost.

In the coming months, there will be, undoubtedly, more fascinating findings uncovered within the syndrome. I suggest that the National Institute of Health fund further studies to understand Gruber-Schumer Syndrome. Of course, such grants might be considered attempts at committing “political suicide”.

Michael J Lucherini MD MS

Dr. Lucherini specializes in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He practices at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics in Mesa, AZ, and is a Pioneer in Direct Access Medicine. His opinions expressed herein are personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his staff, his patients, or his colleagues.

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