Summit Medicine and Pediatrics and Medicus Network designed and patented Direct Access Medicine® care for patients AND physicians.

Direct Access Medicine® practice means patients are able to contact their doctor anytime, directly by cell phone, secure mobile text or secure email. The doctors are available to their patients, directly, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Direct Access Medicine® physicians have appointments available for their patients within 24 hours, extended office time with their patients, and give them opportunity to address fully and comprehensively all health concerns. They prioritize their patients above their patients’ health insurance benefits, and by doing so, restore the doctor-patient relationship.

Direct Access Medicine® doctors establish fees that are affordable to the average person, and receive payments directly from their patients for all services rendered. They do not establish any contracts for payment with any health insurance companies (including Medicare), and therefore are not influenced by the mandates, restrictions and influences of third-party payers whose priorities to minimize payments often conflict with patients’ medical needs.

In short, when patients receive Direct Access Medicine® care, they get a healthcare experience that is both valuable and enjoyable from a physician who is dedicated fully and without distraction to your well-being.

Greater value for the patients.

Direct Access Medicine® doctors elevate their patients by engaging with you in a professional partnership for health. Your Direct Access Medicine® physician manages your care personally and directly in the office and by telephone. There is no middle man/health insurance company influencing or directing the care you receive or messaging service that relays labs and test results to you. Your doctor has a relationship with YOU, not a contractual obligation to the insurance companies or healthcare agencies.

Greater fulfillment for the physicians.

Direct Access Medicine® patients are more likely to be fully engaged and committed to a plan for optimal health. With Direct Access Medicine®, patients have the security and comfort of know that their doctor knows all about their health concerns, and their doctor is freed to determine and advocate, without bias, for all options to arrive at diagnoses and to establish treatment plans. The doctor-patient relationship and the practice will thrive.

What about health insurance?

Direct Access Medicine® physicians do not maintain contractual relationships with any third party health insurance companies, public (e.g. Medicare) or private. Patients are nonetheless always able to take advantage of their health insurance benefits when they see specialists who are contracted with their health insurance agency, when they have lab tests and test performed at facilities that are contracted with their health insurance agency, or when they must be hospitalized at a facility that has contracted with their health insurance agency. These doctors, facilities, and hospitals will continue to submit insurance claims for services that they render to Direct Access Medicine® patients.

Direct Access Medicine® physicians do not submit claims for services rendered to any health insurance companies, and do not accept payment in any form for services rendered from health insurance companies.

Direct Access Medicine® care is a direct win-win.

The doctor works for the patient. The patient pays the doctor. It is a simple arrangement. It creates a better professional relationship, producing simple, better healthcare.

For more information about Direct Access Medicine®, call us at 480-981-9000, email us at, or visit our website,

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