ALERT. Banner Health Victimized by Cyber Attack. Protected Information of Millions Stolen.

The protected demographic and billing information of 3.7 million people stored in a massive database belonging to Banner Health System, which has hospitals in seven states including Arizona, has been hacked. Early reports indicate that their system was breached at least twice in the month of July, and it is unclear at this early stage of investigation how much information, including the possibility of medical health data, was stolen.

As an agency considered a “covered entity” under the federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Banner Health System is required to maintain a high standard of security for its records, and is also required to report to federal and state agencies any suspected or actual breach of security. In a press release today, officials from the Banner Health System have indicated that they plan to mail notices of occurrence of the breach and instructions on required and suggested action to each of the 3.7 million people whose identity and billing information may have been accessed illegally and stolen from their servers.

“>”Banner is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of information of our patients, employees, plan members and beneficiaries, customers at our food and beverage outlets, as well as our providers,” reported Peter Fine, President and CEO of Banner Health.

Anyone who has questions or concerns about the cyber hacking event may call 855-223-4412.

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