Summit Medicine and Pediatrics is a proud sponsor of the Cavanagh 133 Racing Team in Arizona, and they’re coming to visit us on Saturday, May 6th!

We invite our patients, friends, neighbors, colleagues and community to join us for a fun-filled morning of racecar-talk and hands-on racecar experience. Meet driver Hunter Cavanagh and get a close-up look at Cavanagh Racecar 133, built from the ground up for power, speed and efficiency, and already a proven competitor in dozens of events throughout Arizona. The 2017 racing season has already begun, will continue through November, and we invite our guests and racing fans to join Summit Medicine and Pediatrics as we follow and support the Cavanagh 133 Racing Team through a winning season!

Our event is FREE, and we’ll have complementary refreshments, and opportunity for our guests to get Hunter’s autograph. There will also be Cavanagh 133 racing merchandise for sale, and opportunity for sponsorship. Please take a moment to RSVP so that we may plan to make the event as fun and successful as possible. for everyone.

Click Here to Let Us Know You’re Joining Us!

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