The Slippery Slope of Legalized Euthanasia

Last week, I shared and commented on a disturbing report on efforts of lawmakers in the Netherlands to legalize, and effectively legitimize, euthanasia for healthy persons who reach the age of 75 years. Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that another report has surfaced showing that more than 400 people in the Netherlands have been euthanized… without their consent.

This is murder. There is no doubt that the intentional taking of life without consent for any reason whatsoever is murder. Medical ethics and morality have no definition and no application in healthcare if they fail to protect those whose lives are terminated without their having been given opportunity to say, “No thank you… I think I’ll live today.” And the fear and danger of state-sanctioned euthanasia metastasizing into state-sanctioned murder is already realized.

At the core of this crisis are the physicians who made the decisions to terminate the lives of these 400+ patients. Such decision and act is a death-blow to physicians’ universal pledge of fidelity to uphold their patients’ interests and welfare above all else. It is a capitulation to the pressures of statism and to political correctness that relegates doctors to a lesser advocate of population over patient, resources over professional relationship, and medical economics over men and women. It is, in essence, the end of the Doctor-Patient Relationship as we’ve understood it for thousands of years.

The means through which healthcare is delivered each day to patients throughout the world is changing rapidly–mostly for the better–with improvements in technology and advancement in science. But there is neither need nor advantage in trying to improve the Doctor-Patient Relationship, the very core of medicine. It is pure and fragile, and cannot be improved. It can only be weakened, and eventually destroyed, and physician-murder is a darn good way to do it.

Michael J Lucherini MD MS
Summit Medicine and Pediatrics PLC

Dr. Lucherini is among the Pioneers in Direct Access Medicine® care. He specializes in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, and practices at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics in Mesa, AZ. His opinions expressed herein are personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his staff, his patients, or his colleagues.

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