Reflections On Veterans’ Day

Because in most of our world…

where Freedom isn’t free and
Liberty isn’t cherished…
where Honesty isn’t admired and
Trust isn’t earned…
where Rights aren’t respected and
Laws aren’t preserved…
where Bravery isn’t selfless and
Justice isn’t blind.

And because We, collectively the United States of America, with all our flaws, are this world’s best hope to preserve a sane and secure future for all of humanity, we at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics ask God to bless the men and women of the US Armed Forces, who, with bravery in their hearts, justice in their deeds, honesty in their words, and trust in their souls, continue each day to win, protect and preserve the Rights, laws, freedoms, and liberties we enjoy each day.

 Happy and Honored Veterans’ Day! 

God Bless America!



“At Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, we celebrate and honor the men and women who willingly guard against evil in protection of innocence.” — Dr. Mike


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