Our Medical Practice is Almost Full!

We are excited to announce that effective February 17, 2018, there are only fifty (50) openings remaining for patient participation in our Direct Access Medicine® medical practice.

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In keeping with our goal of ensuring the highest level of service for every patient and the consistency of access to and availability of Dr. Mike and his staff, we have determined that the engagement of 50 additional participants will bring us to optimal capacity.

Unlike standard medical practices in which doctors see their patients enter and leave routinely as though walking through a “revolving door”, Summit Medicine and Pediatrics enjoys strong, lasting professional relationships with patients who are committed to optimizing their health, and are experiencing the security and satisfaction of personalized, comprehensive, and affordable healthcare delivery. We make sure that the medical needs of every patient in our Direct Access Medicine® practice are managed with prompt efficiency, and, in order to continue to do so, we’ve determined that we must set a limit to those who may engage with us.

Once we have engaged at full capacity in the coming weeks, we will establish a ‘Summit Future Patient List’ through which those who wish to see Dr. Mike may hold their place in cue to join our practice as opportunity arises in maintaining our optimal capacity. Each person who wishes to join our Summit Future Patient List will be required to:

  • Meet with Dr. Mike ahead of time to discuss the principles of Direct Access Medicine® care to ensure that the practice goals and objectives will meet the needs and desires of the individual;
  • Establish or continue to participate in a professional relationship with another physician or extended healthcare provider until the individual is moved from the Summit Future Patient List to active engagement with Dr. Mike; and
  • Provide a non-refundable $250 Future Patient Fee (FPF) to maintain their place in cue on the Summit Future Patient List; upon engagement in the practice, individuals’ FPF will be applied to the required Participation Fee as payment in full.

It is important to note that listing on the Summit Future Patient List does not constitute establishment of a professional medical relationship and confers responsibility neither for patients to make payment for services provided nor for Dr. Mike and his staff to provide healthcare services.

As soon as the next 50 patients engage for services at Summit medicine and Pediatrics, we will announce that our practice is “closed” for participation of new patients and establish the Summit Future Patient List. In the interim, we will not provide updates on the number of patients we may accept to achieve optimal engagement, and we therefore encourage all those who are currently considering participation in Direct Access Medicine® care with us to do so promptly in the coming weeks.

On behalf of all of us at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, we thank our patients, our colleagues and our many supporters for having made our medical practice so successful in the last 4 years. We look forward to many more years of dedication to our health and wellness, to our medical community, and to our healthcare industry as true Pioneers in Direct Access Medicine®.

The Summit Team

UPDATE:  March 23, 2018

We now have a limit of 40 additional places available for new patients. Our Direct Access Medicine® medical practice has grown remarkably, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to care for each of our patients. If you are considering becoming part of our unique practice, don’t delay! Stop by soon to learn more and join our practice before we are full!

The Summit Team