Why Did We Have a Fundraiser?

Our beloved Tasha and her family, Sawne and Anthony, have been awarded an extraordinary opportunity to participate in the Special Olympics in Seattle in July 2018, and in the World Games in Abu Dhabi in 2019. Tasha’s son, Sawne, has Autism, and Tasha has been an advocate for autism awareness and support her entire life. She continues to care for her adult son and to raise awareness in the community for those with autism and its spectrum disorders, and we admire her devotion to family and cause.

Tasha and her family are part of the Adult Unified Basketball Team for Special Olympics Arizona, and were successful in winning the honor of representing our state at these prestigious national and international events. Here is  short video published several months ago by the Arizona Department of Economic Security that highlights both Tasha and Sawne in their journey:


Along with the receiving the news of their honor to participate nationally and internationally, Tasha and her family must find a way to raise a significant amount of money to make their dream come true. They have been working very hard with the basketball team, practicing several times a week in the evenings, and on their own, finding creative ways to reach a goal of raising the estimated $7000 it will take to cover the expenses of travel, accommodations and meals for both trips. Of course, Summit Medicine and Pediatrics made the commitment immediately to help them raise the funds.

What Did We Do to Raise Funds?

With the generous and loving support of several of our patients quite skilled in baking, we organized and held a bake sale fundraising event last week on their behalf. The event was a spectacular success all around! Here are some of the absolutely incredible sweets, cakes, breads, loaves and chocolates that were made for the event:

Red velvet, peanut butter, and chocolate cakes:

Giant s’mores cookies, salted caramel and fudge brownies, pound cake, and peanut butter buckeyes:

Pistachio and cranberry biscotti with white chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch/walnut cookies, lemon bars, walnut cake, and banana bread:

And a wide variety of homemade chocolates, cinnamon roles, and breads:

Each of these delicacies were prepared with loving attention to delight our visitors and supporters, and to honor Tasha and her family as they prepare to participate in the Special Olympics. Our fundraising event was host at the Summit Medicine and Pediatrics office here in Mesa, and over an 8-hour period, we saw almost 90 supporters join us to purchase the sweets and donate to our cause. Our office was barely large enough to accommodate the amount of baked wonders and number of people joining our efforts:

Susann, who prepared and baked for weeks prior to the fundraising event, took donations and orders from our supporters to bake additional cakes for later dates, and we even held a raffle in which several of our supporters had opportunity to win one of several fabulous gift baskets. Congratulations to RoseAnn, Sienna and Anthony for winning!


How Much Did We Raise?

Are you ready for this? Our goal was to raise as much as $3000 (just under half) of the total $7000 necessary to fund entirely the trips to Seattle, WA this year and to Abu Dhabi next year for participation in the National Special Olympics and World Games, respectively, for Tasha and her family. Through the incredibly generous support and efforts of the many Summit Medicine and Pediatrics patients, friends, families, neighbors and colleagues, we raised–to date– a total of…

$ 7,716.12!

And we say to all of you…


The Fundraising Is Never Over!

Those who were not able to join us at our fundraiser are nevertheless able to donate separately and directly online in support of Tasha and her family, and are actually still doing so today! When donating on the Special Olympics Arizona website, it is very important that each supporter specify in the box following entry of the donation amount that their donation is made “in honor of” Tasha Crofton and Sawne Rippey, and that the following email notification is specified so that Tasha is made aware of your donation: Shotikangirl42@gmail.com. Those who wish to donate may do so here:


Summit Medicine and Pediatrics was both honored and privilege to support Tasha and her family as they take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the Special Olympics, and we wish them great success in competition and on their journey!

— The Summit Team

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