Dr. Mike will be Out-of-Town
Tuesday, November 20th
Sunday, November 25th

Dr. and Mrs. Mike will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family from TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20th through SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25th (6 DAYS). They will be in Charlotte, NC. While Dr. Mike is away, our staff will be available to answer your telephone calls at 480-981-9000 during routine office hours. Dr. Mike will be back in the office on Monday, November 26th, 2018.

Although there is no ‘on-call’ doctor while he is away from the office, Dr. Mike, as always, remains available 24/7 to receive your urgent, direct call on his Summit mobile telephone 480-828-XXXX… even while on vacation!

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In preparation for Dr. Mike’s vacation, please review and complete the following important tasks:

  • MEDICATION REFILLS: Determine if you need prescription medication refills. If you will require authorization of refills of any of your prescription medications within the next 4 weeks, let us know now so that Dr. Mike may do so prior to his departure.
  • APPOINTMENTS: Determine if you need an office visit. If you have ongoing or emerging medical concerns for which you would like to see Dr. Mike, let us know now so that Dr. Mike can see you in the office prior to his departure.
  • LABS AND TESTS: Determine if you are due for labs or tests. If you have blood work or radiology testing that are either ordered already or will be due in May, schedule and complete them now so that Dr. Mike can review the results with you prior to his departure.
  • MAJOR MEDICAL EVENTS: Determine if you are having major procedures or surgeries. If you are scheduled to have a major procedure (e.g. colonoscopy, cardiac catheterization, etc.) or surgery (e.g. cholecystectomy, knee replacement, etc.) within the next several weeks, let us know so that Dr. Mike may notify your physician or surgeon to contact him directly for concerns that may arise while he is out-of-town.

At any time, you may contact the office and speak to Marion or Tasha for more information on how to prepare for Dr. Mike’s being out-of-town from Tuesday, November 20th through Sunday, November 25th, 2018. Dr. Mike will be back in the office on Monday, November 26th, 2018.

And remember… whenever Dr. Mike is away from the office, all current patients may still contact him directly on his Summit mobile telephone 480-828-XXXX if they are experiencing medical concerns that require his attention… even when he is on vacation!

Direct Access Medicine® care makes your healthcare experience and mine both valuable and enjoyable. Call me when you need me!” — Dr. Mike

— The Summit Team

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