What is Direct Access Medicine® Care?

Direct Access Medicine Care is an enhanced method of direct primary care. It’s simple and straightforward. Your doctor works for you and you pay the doctor. It brings us back to a time when you knew your family doctor and healthcare was more about you, the patient, than about insurance, regulations, co-pays and id cards.

Direct Access Medicine care restores the patient-doctor relationship. Dr. Lucherini is available to you 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, and is happy to be accessible by office visit, mobile telephone, mobile text and email.

All Direct Access Medicine physicians make their services affordable to the average patient in their communities. They see fewer patients per day, providing them the privilege of having time with you and to have the opportunity to discuss your health, your concerns and your wellness goals. Direct Access Medicine physicians are committed to creating an enjoyable and valuable experience for their patients.

Direct Access Medicine care provides greater value for you as a patient.

Dr. Mike, an internist and pediatrician, manages care personally and directly for you and your family. There is no middle man/health insurance company influencing or directing the care you receive. He has a relationship with YOU, not a contractual obligation to the insurance companies or healthcare agencies.

We elevate our patients by engaging with you in a professional partnership for health.

What About Health Insurance?

At Summit, Dr. Mike does not maintain contractual relationships with any third party health insurance companies, and has “opted-out” of Medicare. This means we do not submit claims for services rendered to any health insurance companies, and we do not accept payment in any form for services rendered from health insurance companies. Our patients who do have health insurance, either through a private company or through Medicare, are still able to take advantage of their benefits whenever they see other doctors who are contracted with their health insurance agency, whenever they have labs and tests that are performed at facilities that are contracted with their health insurance agency, or whenever they must be hospitalized at a facility that has contracted with their health insurance agency. Such doctors, facilities, and hospitals will continue to submit insurance claims for services that they render to our patients.

How is Direct Access Medicine Care Different Than Standard Medicine?

In standard medicine, the insurance industry manages the healthcare patients receive through the contracts these agencies establish with the doctors. Patients are reduced, in effect, to a series of diagnoses and health risks, against which their health insurance company and their doctors must weigh the benefit of continued investment of time and funds to manage their patients’ course of medical care. the patients pay their insurance premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, and their doctors are paid, based in no small part, on their ability to minimize the cost associated with the care of the patients, by the health insurance companies.

Similar to the way direct pay medicine works, patients pay their doctors a monthly fee; however, with Direct Access Medicine care, the doctor is available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, to spend with their patients as much time as necessary to address all their medical concerns, and to serve, without undue influence of the health insurance industry, as advocates for their patients in all matters related to healthcare. In Direct Access Medicine care, the doctors directly manage the healthcare their patients receive. In other words, with Direct Access Medicine care, there is no interference from a middle-man. A Direct Access Medicine doctor is neither influenced nor restricted by any third party, public or private, or by any health insurance agency. The physician is free to function most effectively in determining and advocating without bias for all options to arrive at diagnoses and to establish treatment plans. The patient pays the doctor, and the doctor works for the patient. It is a simpler and better relationship that produces simpler and better healthcare.

If you’d like to know more information about how Direct Access Medicine care works, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us today to speak with Dr. Mike Lucherini.