Michael J. Lucherini, MD MS, our doctor

Dr. Michael Lucherini MD MSDr. Mike began creating who he would be for his patients as a young boy. The family doctor was like a super-hero of his time, always appearing when the family needed him, with exactly the kind of care that made a difference and saved the day. Sometimes that meant a firm talking-to, dispensing medicine and even the dreaded needle. But he always showed up with a friendly smile, a soft comforting touch, and gentle, soothing words. And he always delivered healthcare with warmth, compassion and love.

At Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, Dr. Mike practices this kind of family medicine, exactly the way he experienced it through a child’s eyes. Although he describes it as Direct Access Medicine® care instead of super-hero medicine, our patients know without a doubt that he is here for them with exactly the kind of care they need and with the warmth and compassion that makes a difference in their health and in their lives.

In private practice for almost twenty years, Dr. Mike believes that healthcare is about the patient, first and foremost. After fifteen years as the founding physician of a large, insurance-based model of medical practice, with many thousands of patients, he found that medicine was becoming more about the system than the patient. So, he created a bold, innovative concept to offer patients direct access and partnership in their own health and wellness. In 2013, Dr. Mike launched his Direct Access Medicine® practice, Summit Medicine and Pediatrics.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Dr. Mike received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Brown University in 1987, before attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where he received both a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Bio-Chemistry in 1992 and a Doctorate of Medicine in 1994.

He and his wife, Mary Ellen, have made their home in Mesa, Arizona since 1998, when he began a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center (now Banner University Medical Center) and Phoenix Children’s Hospitals. When his training was complete, he entered private practice… the natural direction for Dr. Mike.

It was ten years later, in 2004, that he conceptualized and created from scratch an innovative way to provide Direct Access Medicine® care to his patients based on his childhood dream and his desire to bring back the human touch in healthcare. He looked initially at Concierge Medicine as an option, but decided that this model was not as valuable and effective as model of Direct primary Care that he would eventually develop himself. In 2013, he began practicing Direct Access Medicine® care exclusively at his new practice Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, PLC in Mesa, Arizona.

Dr. Mike and Mary Ellen love life and share their home with his 88-year-old dad as well as their three cats. They are very proud of their two beautiful daughters whose education and careers, although outside of the healthcare industry, are rising to great success.

Dr. Mike is on a mission to restore the patient-doctor relationship – one patient and one doctor at a time. It is his pleasure and his privilege to know and care for each and every one of our patients. And our patients tell us they’ve never experienced healthcare in such a positive, empowering and compassionate way!