Barbara J.

When I got connected to Dr. Lucherini, it was like heaven. I didn’t have to worry about that I had five minutes. I didn’t have to worry about whether or not he was going to understand my frustrations, my tears. He has a compassion that I hadn’t seen in doctors…in years. If he is able to influence the new generation of doctors, I think they’d learn everything they don’t teach in school, because he’s the one who will tell them, you have to talk, you have to listen, you have to have compassion.

Bob and Sue Z.

I feel like I have someone who’s part of the family with his caring personality. He took the time to listen to me. He’s phenomenal compared to other doctors. He’s a doctor I’d like to keep with me…He listens and he cares. And that’s what tells me there’s compassion there.

Susan S.

Immediate access, personalized care…he’s a doctor who becomes part of the inner circle of people who care about me, rather than outer circle of frustration of the medical world.

Vali and Adia

I couldn’t believe the amount of time he spent with me, making sure that he really understood what was going on with me.

Katherine Z.

I love the peace of mind. And I love that in the case of emergency, he can even come to my home. I like that fact that we have a relationship with our pediatrician. He knows our family. He knows our history. You just don’t get that with any other pediatrician or general care practitioner.


He’s the rare doctor who is a doctor because he values human lives. I just can’t praise enough what he’s done for my family and for my kids.

Elbert and Catherine

Relief and disbelief. This doctor sat and talked with me for an hour. He asked questions and he listened to my answers…He’s accessible and that means a lot.