Summit Medicine and Pediatrics is proud to partner with Sonora Quest Laboratories to offer testing for the presence of COVID-19 infection.

Starting on Monday, 16 March 2020, we will begin offering COVID-19 testing to those who meet the Center for Disease Control (CDC) clinical and/or epidemiological criteria for COVID-19 testing: CDC Information for Healthcare Professionals

COVID-19 testing will be restricted to the following persons:

  • Established patients exclusively
  • Established patients who are symptomatic with fever, cough or shortness of breath
  • Established patients who have been exposed to others with fever, cough or shortness of breath (possible COVID-19 infection)
  • Established patients who have been exposed to others confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19

Established patients who would like to be tested for COVID-19 are invited to contact our office at 480-981-9000 to schedule an appointment. At all times at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, we are cognizant of the importance of reducing the risk of the spread of infectious disease among our patients. Therefore, it is important to note that WALK-IN TESTING AT OUR OFFICE IS NOT PERMISSIBLE; in the interest of maintaining strict control and reduced risk of infectious outbreak, we plan to cluster our patients into specific time slots for COVID-19 testing, and encourage all patients who are symptomatic with fever and cough to arrive at our office wearing their own protective N-95 mask upon arrival, and apply the following procedure:

  • PARK AND REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE upon arrival at our office at the time of your appointment
  • Call our office at 480-981-9000 and notify our staff of your arrival and location within the parking lot
  • Dr. Mike will approach your vehicle in full, droplet isolation attire and obtain the testing specimen as you remain in your vehicle
  • You will receive and review instructional and educational material regarding the testing process and Dr. Mike will answer any questions you may have
  • You may be required to acknowledge and sign certain documents related to the processing and billing for the testing process

Testing for COVID-19 is performed by obtaining a nasopharygeal viral swab specimen. A thin, sterile swab is inserted deeply and briefly into the naris and removed. The specimen is then sent to the lab for real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT RT-PCR). The results are typically available for review by Dr. Mike within 3-5 days, depending upon the overall test demand within the community, and results and Dr. Mike’s recommended course of action, if necessary, will then be communicated directly to the patient.

Testing for COVID-19 will be billed to our established patients’ insurance company on file, and patients are responsible for payment to Sonora Quest Laboratories for any costs attributable to copays, deductibles, restrictions in coverage, and denials of coverage. For established patients who are uninsured or under-insured, Summit Medicine and Pediatrics has negotiated with Sonora Quest Laboratories to establish a client bill fee of $110.00 for COVID-19 testing, payable at the time of service.