“Direct Access Medicine® Care as not just for the individual. Small businesses can take full advantage of the exceptional healthcare as well!” – Dr. Mike

At Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, we know that your addressing employees’ healthcare needs is an important component to maintaining a productive and efficient business environment. Our Direct Access Medicine® Practice is suited perfectly for small business owners to provide as an option to include in their employees’ benefits package, and it will NOT cost your business any funding to do so! In fact, at no direct cost to businesses, we believe that our patented Direct Access Medicine® care for your employees, whether offered through your business alone or as a supplement to your business’s health insurance package, will prove over time to be a vital component of keeping your employees as healthy as possible, on-the-job as consistently as possible, and, perhaps most importantly, as grateful as possible for working at your business… an employment retention incentive!

Under our Small Business Agreement (SBA), Summit Medicine and Pediatrics will offer to the employees of businesses with 5 to 50 employees the opportunity to save TEN PERCENT (10%) on the monthly service level of their choice. The savings will also apply to the business owners and officers, and to the immediate family members (e.g. grandchildren, children, spouses, parents and grandparents) of employees, owners and officers. The savings applies as long as the employee, the owner, or the officer remains employed by, in legal ownership of, or under designated legal title for, respectively, the business.

 “Small businesses struggle to find tools to retain great employees, and Direct Access Medicine® Care is the best and most affordable solution to this problem.” – Dr. Mike

Employees, owners and officers of businesses under our SBA are fully responsible themselves to make payment for all fees and services provided by Summit Medicine and Pediatrics; businesses are neither expected not permitted to make payment to Summit Medicine and Pediatrics on behalf of employees, owners and officers for service rendered. However, businesses may choose to engage a tax specialist on their own to create an IRS-approved benefit package which may allow businesses to reimburse, in part or in full, their employees’, owners’ and officers’ payments for services rendered at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics.

“It is important to note that some employees, owners and officers of a business under our SBA, at times, may not elect to take advantage of receiving their healthcare at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, and businesses may not require their employees, owners and officers to do so in any way. Nevertheless, Summit Medicine and Pediatrics will always be prepared to engage with them, at any time, while employed by, in legal ownership of, or under designated legal title for, respectively, the business. Furthermore, it is important that the business provide periodically Summit Medicine and Pediatrics with updated employment and ownership status, so that we may continue to apply the ten percent (10%) discount appropriately.

• Direct Access Medicine® Care at No Direct Cost to the Small Business
• Substantial Discount Offered to Employees and Owners and Their Immediate Families
• Prompt Healthcare that Keeps Employees On-The-Job More Consistently
• Benefits that Serve as a Strong Employment retention Incentive

Once our SBA is executed, Summit Medicine and Pediatrics will provide important information about the professional relationship with your business and the services available, which may be distributed to your employees and owners. We are also prepared to make a 30-minute, general presentation to your employees and owners and to give them opportunity to have questions answered and to begin taking full advantage of our services.

For more information on how Direct Access Medicine® services for Small Businesses may benefit you, please Contact Us to schedule an opportunity to meet. We look forward to hearing from you!

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