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At Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, we know that your healthcare needs will change, both over time, and because of acute illness. Therefore, we have designed our Direct Access Medicine® Practice accordingly, for the purpose of remaining as flexible as possible to meet your changing healthcare needs over time.

We provide four levels of service for our patients (see below). Each level bundles a different set of services provided, and our patients are encouraged to choose a level of service that best suits their needs for any given month. Naturally, our patients may change service levels at most once per month when their healthcare needs require such a change, and there is never a penalty or administrative fee associated with doing so. Changes in service level must be requested and confirmed in writing by the 10th of each month.

A ONE TIME $ 255 PARTICIPATION FEE per patient is paid at the onset of care. This fee allows us to prioritize the opportunity necessary to gather, transfer and input your health information into our own electronic health records. All monthly fees are paid automatically by credit card or electronic check on or after the 25th of each month for services rendered during the month (in arrears), and all additional fees for ala carte services at the lower service levels are paid automatically by credit card or electronic check on file on the day of service.

Patients are NOT required to commit to a multi–month agreement to continue services at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics; patients may cancel service at any time and for any reason! Cancellation of service MUST be performed in writing, and if a request for cancellation of service is received by the 10th of the month, there is no charge for services during the month of cancellation.

Please feel free to Contact Us to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Mike to discuss our Service Levels and choose the one that best services your healthcare needs.

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