What Is Direct Access Medicine® Care?

Direct Access Medicine® Care is a patented, enhanced method of Direct Primary Care. It is simple and straightforward. Your doctor works directly for you and NOT for your health insurance company or your employer. You pay your doctor directly for exceptional service, and your health insurance company does NOT pay, restrict or influence the decisions your doctor makes about your healthcare. It brings us back to a time when we knew our family doctor and healthcare was more about you, the patient, then about insurance, regulations, medication formularies, co-pays and ID cards.

Direct Access Medicine® Care restores the doctor–patient relationship. Dr. Mike and his colleagues who also practice Direct Access Medicine® Care are available to their patients 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, and are happy to be accessible by extended, 30-90 minute office visits, by mobile telephone, or even by secured texting and email services, if desired. They even make house calls when requested to do so! Dr. Mike and his colleagues see fewer patients per day, and provide them the privilege of having plenty of time to discuss their patients’ health, their medical concerns, and their overall goals for wellness. Direct Access Medicine® physicians are committed to creating an enjoyable and invaluable healthcare experience for their patients.”

“Direct Access Medicine® Care provides greater value for you as a patient, and allows me to serve you better as your doctor.” – Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike is trained in the specialties of both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. At Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, he manages personally and directly the healthcare for every one of his patients, and works closely and seamlessly with his staff to ensure prompt and efficient achievement of every responsibility to their patients. Dr. Mike has a strong professional relationship with YOU, not a contractual obligation to the insurance companies or other secondary healthcare agencies. Simply explained, Direct Access Medicine® Care empowers Summit Medicine and Pediatrics to elevate our patients by engaging with them directly in a professional partnership for health.”

What About Health Insurance?

At Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, Dr. Mike does not maintain contractual relationships with any third-party health insurance companies. He has also “opted out” of Medicare, and does not accept any Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) insurance plans. This means that each patient pays directly to Summit Medicine and Pediatrics for services rendered by Dr. Mike, by staff, within the confines of the office and of communication by telephone, fax, or secure text and email with Dr. Mike and his staff.

It is very important to remember that payment for services rendered by Dr. Mike does NOT replace the need for and benefit of having health insurance. Most of Dr. Mike’s patients choose to maintain their own health insurance for payment of benefits such as evaluation and procedures performed by sub-specialists, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, laboratory and radiology facility testing, and medications. Those who are able to and choose to maintain health insurance contract are certainly also able to continue taking full advantage of these benefits while engaging with Dr. Mike to receive Direct Access Medicine® Care.

“It is no longer possible to assume that the health insurance will guarantee excellent healthcare. They are two separate industries, and patients must learn to seek and obtain with greater emphasis and expectation their healthcare directly from their physician.” – Dr. Mike

Overwhelmingly, patients tell us that they choose to take full advantage of Direct Access Medicine® Care at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics, even though they maintain a health insurance contract, because they no longer wish to experience delays and deficiencies in receiving their healthcare through insurance–contracted, primary care physicians who are overloaded in the number of patients, and who are increasingly unable of spending the time to address adequately and completely the healthcare needs of their patients.

How Has Healthcare Changed Over the Years?

In order to understand completely the significant changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry over the last 80 years, we have prepared this short video presentation. We hope you enjoy it. After you review the video presentation, please feel free to contact our office to take the in step, schedule a free consultation, and discuss the advantages of Direct Access Medicine® Care directly with Dr. Mike at Summit Medicine and Pediatrics.

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