Summit Medicine and Pediatrics’ Tip to Manage the COVID-19 Pandemic

TODAY’S TIP:  Keep ‘Outside Clothes’ apart from ‘Inside Clothes’

Although COVID-19 certainly can be transmitted by aerosolized respiratory particles, the virus is most easily and likely transmitted by contact. This means that the virus is picked up by the hand from a surface (e.g. furniture, handle, clothing, container, etc.) and transferred promptly thereafter directly to the eye or mucous membrane of the nose or mouth. Furthermore, and frightening so, we now know that the COVID-19 virus can remain viable as a pathogen for 2-3 weeks when seeded upon surfaces. It sits on surfaces and clothing like a biological ‘Trojan Horse’ waiting for an opportunity to invade a new host.

We recommend that all persons designate clothing for out-of-home use and for in-home use. Clothing (including footwear) used outside of the home should be shed and washed or sanitized immediately upon arrival at home, prior to entering the main living areas of the home. This practice should be applied every time one exits and returns home, even if done so several times a day.

Every time you leave home:

  • PLAN AHEAD: Place a change of ‘indoor’ clothing and footwear at the door in which you will enter your home upon return

Every time you return home:

  • Remove your outer clothes and shoes immediately upon re-entry to your home
  • Wash your clothes, and sanitize your ‘outside footwear’ promptly upon re-entering your home
  • Keep your ‘inside clothing and foorwear’ free and clear from potential contamination outside of your home

“It’s the little things that escape us which can endanger us. After all, the COVID-19 virus is very, very little in size.” — Dr. Mike

Summit Medicine and Pediatrics partners with healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the nation to inform and empower Americans to minimize their risk for COVID-19 infection.