The mortality rate of COVID-19 averages internationally at approximately 4.5%, with some nations and US States experiencing as high as 10.6% and others as low as 0.8%; in the United States, we are currently at a 1.5% mortality rate. This data, however, is influenced substantially by the timing of identification and spread within communities, with some regions just now experiencing the upswing of logarithmic increase in the identification and spread of viral pathogen, and others having already peaked in doing so.

Although Summit Medicine and Pediatrics considers suspect any data or metrics published from China, the following information may be helpful in targeting, for certain cohorts of individuals, more aggressive measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 disease:

For those whose underlying medical conditions may increase their risk of mortality during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we in our healthcare communities, families, friends and neighbors identify, empower and assist these individuals to remain particularly vigilant in preventing disease.

The Summit Team