Summit Medicine and Pediatrics’ Tip to Manage the COVID-19 Pandemic

TODAY’S TIP:  Don’t Get Lazy!

There is some evidence that the threat of further spread of COVID-19 within our nation is beginning to subside. Yet, as we enter our second month of isolation, social distancing and high level of sanitation and cleaning of our surroundings, it is just as important now as it was when the pandemic was in its infancy to stay true with efforts to contain the virus. We are not out of the woods!

Over time, as many of us remain for weeks secure and distanced from the centers of disease in our nation, it is only natural that we begin to cut corners, take a few risks, and even perhaps abandon some the principles of hygiene that we adopted a month ago. In reality, the COVID-19 pandemic has the very real potential for a re-emergence in pockets of communities whose citizens prematurely curtail their practices of infection control. For now, keep on:

  • Social Distancing from Others
  • Washing Your Hands Frequently
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Surroundings

Stay the course to stay healthy… for yourselves and for all those around you.

“It’s the little things that escape us which can endanger us. After all, the COVID-19 virus is very, very little in size.” — Dr. Mike

Summit Medicine and Pediatrics partners with healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the nation to inform and empower Americans to minimize their risk for COVID-19 infection.